Hayden Homestead

We are on 5 acres of beautiful land located just west of the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

We raise show and meat rabbits and have a couple of chickens on the side.

A little history of how we got started...

i have done some gardening off and on for the last 18 years but nothing too serious.  That will happen when you still have kiddo's in the house that take most of your energy and attention.  Well, the kids moved out and i realized  i still needed something other than the husband to take care of.  My first inclination was a dog but the husband and i just couldn't come to a mutual desire about having one.  So  about 3 years ago i brought home some chicks instead.  :-)  (They really are the gateway animal.  LOL)  Then  the rabbits joined us the following year.  

So we are pretty new to this whole "movement" but look forward to expanding our journey on our little slice of heaven.

i will update the site as we have changes (new litters, babies ready to find new homes, new chickens)  i invite you to check back regularly and enjoy our journey with us.